Every piece is designed and handcrafted in the Netherlands to ensure exceptional quality and craftsmanship. To maintain the highest standards of quality, we only use the finest imported materials to produce our collection.


Alcantara S.p.A. is the company that manufactures and markets worldwide the homonymous material under the registered trademark Alcantara®.

Based in Italy, the company operates on a global scale through the main centres of Milan headquarters.

Alcantara S.p.A. is then the only world producer of the Alcantara material, guarantee of pure Italian quality and excellence.

Made by a sophisticated industrial process with no rivals, Alcantara embodies the new paradigm of the contemporary lifestyle typical of those who search, in the products they use every day, besides functionality, also the emotion of beauty, respecting ethics and the environment. In a nutshell, Alcantara is:

elegant and sophisticated, soft and comfortable, light, strong and durable, and 100% Carbon Neutral.


Forged carbon is a technology that uses carbon fiber composite material and was developed jointly between Lamborghini and Callaway Golf Company who introduced it in their Sesto Elemento concept car and Diablo Octane drivers, respectively.

The application of this technology was originally developed at the Automobili Lamborghini Advanced Composite Structures Laboratory (ACSL) in Seattle, WA, where the Lamborghini-Callaway partnership was initially formed. This partnership, along with forged composite technology, was announced at the 2010 Paris Motor Show when Lamborghini unveiled its concept car

Forged Carbon is essentially an upgrade on existing carbon fiber technology. Paolo Feraboli, founder and head of the Advanced Composite Structures Laboratory, and inventor of Forged Composite technology describes it as ‘a revolution in Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) compounds’.

According to Feraboli, Forged Composite is not a specific material or a single process, but a comprehensive technology that combines material characteristics, process specifications, and engineering and design knowledge, which, when fused together, allows for the creation of a composite carbon fiber part.

Typically, carbon fiber is made usable by laying it up in sheet form and infusing it with resin. 
Forged Composite, on the other hand, is a unique technology which involves using a paste of fibers mixed with a resin to be squeezed out into various forms.


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